Blogging Statistics You Need To Know [Infographic]

Blogging statistics? 
We are not experts, but we love to learn and share with like-minded people on this “WebBlog“. Over the past two years we have met so many wonderful people all over the world that it’s not possible to always keep up – but we try! Thanks for all the support everybody has given us and we hope our ramblings will benefit others 🙂

Blogging Statisticts

So what kind of blogger do you think i am from the graph below? What type of blog is this? Many fun facts to see in this info-graphic. Wow its amazing the kind of monthly income the big blogs generate, no wonder millions of blog are started daily!

Well you know me we are going to make this short and sweet even though Google does not like that, but why just repeat what this great graphic by Ignite Spot already shows us – thanks for stopping by and have a great day by design!


Blogging Statistics

 Did you learn anything from these blogging statistics?


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