10 entrepreneur skills parents can learn with their kids

entrepreneur skills


Schools just do not teach your kids entrepreneur skills they could use everyday. Even expensive MBA Masters of Business Administration schools you learn to work in an corporate world. Learning enterprise traits along with your kids can make for some lifetime memories and fun!



Someone who organizes any enterprise usually with considerable initiative and risk.


 10 Kids Entrepreneur Skills

Accomplishment: Starting and then finishing a project can give great fulfillment and confidence for future project ideas.

Persistence: Working through the trouble and difficulties to see the vision become reality and not giving up.

Leadership: Being able to get others to help you accomplish an task that may not always be achievable by yourself.

Sales: Learning to exchange a service or those baked cookies for money can show value for both the work ans dollar!

Bartering: Yes kids can learn to trade one service or goods for something else they want or need.

Networking: Connecting with other entrepreneurs or peers to learn the best practices of accomplishing tasks.

Failure: Not succeeding the first time and learning to move forward with even more knowledge next time.

Self Sustaining: Using the resources you have and not being bailed out from dad when troubles arise.

Service: Taking exceptional care of your customers before and after the sale if needed. Happy clients bring repeat sales & word of mouth advertising!

Negotiate: Learning to have discussions about the fair market value for a product or service, are skills to last a lifetime!


In my opinion good entrepreneur skills should be taught to all children, no matter what dreams they have when all grown up. Get creative and make these life lessons moments to look back  and grin! Let me know what you think or other entrepreneurship traits  worth passing on to the next generation enterprisers